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Gotta disagree..

If this kid has been difficult, put him in the chair THEN put on the spit-mask. Note: easily could have been done by one of the 3 or 4 CO's WITH MASKS ON.

But when they put him in the chair, spray him, then put the mask over top of the spray they are clearly intending to inflict consistent pain on him when he is no risk to anyone or himself. The whole time he's begging them to get their hands off his eyes because it's exacerbating the pain. Begging them to remove the pepper-spray soaked cloth from his mouth and nose because it's hurting to breathe.

So, if you're inflicting serious physical pain on someone when they are at no risk of attacking you, is it not torture?

Is water-boarding torture?
Bamboo under your fingernails?
Sleep deprivation?
Being held in unnatural positions for extended periods of time?