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Comment: I feel your pain skippy.

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I feel your pain skippy.

The original poster received his information from a very deceitful radio host.Who is working for the same greedy corporations that are using this campaign to smear PETA.I just thought I would post this to set the record straight.Having met a number of of PETA members personally at Dallas Occupy did not find them to be left wing wackos. I found the to be very caring compassionate people who wanted to promote the healthy vegan lifestyle and were just as passionate about there cause to try to prevent animal cruelty as we are about ours. I found this quality very admirable.So many times I have tried to promote a bridge building threads between the left and right and most of the the time I am met with hostility and distrust. { On both sides I might add}. When will people realize that "powers that be" wants us to remain hostile and divided.If you look at my ratings you will be able to see that I am probably the most unpopular poster on this site.But I am not going to give up I am not going give in because when you do give up they will win and you should'nt either.So if it is any consolation to you, If there is only one person who stands up with you and tells you that I respect your beliefs and I sympathize with your cause then it is me.So please dont LEAVE I will be very lonely without you.