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I Understand The...

...context of the post. It is the tying to being a 'follower' of a man that I find curious.

It is akin to speaking to someone and identifying oneself as 'a Ron Paul supporter', rather than as a 'Liberty-advocate', or saying, 'I am a Chuck Baldwin supporter', rather than 'I am a constitutionalist'.

I will set aside the issue of socialist security, since although it is in the same category, there is a specific theft for that specific redistribution and that makes the equation a bit more complicated.

I primarily, in this instance, reference food-stamps, subsidized housing, subsidized utilities and a plethora of other theft & redistributive programs......

That said, the known fact that such a vast number of people/households are parasitic to other people is no excuse or reason to rationalize or justify that it is ethical, moral or philosophically consistent to be such a grubber/parasite.

Nobody has any claim on the fruits of my labor, whether those fruits are stolen first by government to redistribute, or if stolen directly from me by that particular grubber/parasite.