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Those I look for salvation? Trust me, I'm not in the GOP seeking any salvation. Salvation? How do you figure salvation?

The GOP is not dictating anything to me anymore than any organization one makes agreements when they chose to join. Ron Paul was in the GOP his whole life but 6 months when he won the LP nominee (and I was one of the Libertarians who was PISSED that the LP picked another republican and never someone from the LP who had earned the nomination.. always some republican LO sells out to..

anyways.. I don't get where you are coming from about the GOP. My committee is majority Ron Paul supporters, so it's like being on DP in real life once a month (or whatever for events). I wish all GOP committees were as awesome as mine.

So where you get this idea of dictate.. you mean from the National level.. this is going to change.. this is why I joined the golden circle and I want to get more Ron Paul Republicans un the golden circles or whatever their state calls them.. we are winning and it seems to me, you don't know what you are saying.. maybe you meant to reply to another post?