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Comment: An Analogy Seems to Be In Order

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An Analogy Seems to Be In Order

I will loosely relate it to food stamps and energy assistance.

Let us say that Ol' El-Tee provides some work or a service for another individual in return for a bushel basket of ears of corn and a cord of firewood each week.

Along comes 'the man' (accompanied by a judge, a lawyer and a cop) and he tells me that each week I have to give him 25 of the 50 ears of corn in the bushel that I earned and also half the cord of wood, because he needs it for the 'greater good'.

He, his lawyers and the cop advise me that I must do so or I will go to jail and lose all of what I earned, plus assessed and added penalties. Whatever force is necessary will be employed against me if I refuse.

Across town, there are you and your family. You may have fallen on hard times, or perhaps you chose not to plant any crops or raise any food and you were too lazy or sick to lay in wood to heat with, or work to provide for yourself and your family yourself, or ......whatever.

'The man' hears from you that you are unable, or failed, to adequately care for yourself/family and he gives you a few of the ears of corn he extorted from me and also a couple days supply of wood to burn, since you don't have any, or you are running a bit low.

'The man' does the same for a number of other people, regardless of their specific circumstances or need.

Now, how many of you are going to claim that this is just, right, moral, ethical, philosophically-sound or that it should be advocated let alone practiced.

Analogy aside, when all is said and done, my value-earned in exchange for whatever it is that I do or provide, is extorted and taken by the double-handfuls and subsequently given to people exactly like you, who do exactly what you advocate doing...and I have to provide it.

You need help......go see your family or a charity, but keep your f-u-c-k-i-n-g dick-beaters and booger-pickers off the fruits of my labor because you have ZERO claim or right to any of it.

It really is that simple.