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most have this forced on them

the taxing, extorting part (as you know)
and the MAN steals it anyways and gives a small portion
back,now if the people were not taxed so high and for so long
they might be able to provide better
half of the wealth is stolen by taxes,and things that are but not called that
you are taxed as well as i am,in this respect we are the same
taxes are taken without approval and used for their own needs and wants
most are not mine
i get to pay taxes for 3 different schools and i don't have any in
we all pay taxes for roads and they are crap
what is ethical to me is getting just a bit back that has been stolen
by the MAN you mentioned
i have paid my fair share for 30 plus years and i can't get any back
nor can i get a hand when i needed it
but yes i have a real problem with ones who receive but paid nothing in,nor ever will,i see this here at,generations of the same family who think they are entitled and they want it,even if you and i have to work harder and longer for them to get it
i honestly love the last paragraph in your post :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence