Comment: This sounds like some Joel Skousen

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This sounds like some Joel Skousen

type scenario, which I believe is highly unlikely. Neither, Russian or China want a global 'hot war', because they are trying to build their nations from the commmunist economic failures. They both are working on their military reconstruction, but mostly for defensive means against the West's aggression. The Russian's have spent much effort in defense missle technology, but are way behind in most everything else. China is still 20yrs behind in almost everything, and what you hear in the press is extremely over-hyped. If you recall, the Chinese sub surfacing next to our carrier ship being undetected a few years ago. This was complete BS, as their were two US subs on each side monitoring their sub. The only way to stop a sub is to sink it, and the US didn't want to sink, it and used it to sell for propaganda for the MIC. Now, if we were to become agressive against the Bear and the Dragon, they will retaliate, but they are severely lacking for any offensive measures.
North Korea is being used by the Chinese to 'check' the US on their financial scams and their anti-missle squadrons being placed in their direction, but they won't commit suicide. N Korea doesn't have enough fuel to do much, and they won't launch nukes as the fallout will effect them.
Putin has played a proxy war in Syria and the main reason we haven't officially sent troops in any large faction there. I do think if there is an active aggression against Iran, Putin will send troops there to prevent it from occuring, or he will be shown to be weak.
In conclusion, unless the elites have spaceships (possibly) and another planet (unlikely) to go, which pretty much defeats the purpose, there isn't going to be a thermonuclear war. Even if they have underground bunkers, they would have to live there for the rest of their lives, as the fallout would prevent them from coming to surface, which also defeats the purpose.
Think logically folks!