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LOL! You need to do some

LOL! You need to do some research friend. First bitcoins are transacted on phones all the time. They do not need the internet. The internet makes it convenient is all just like it makes it convenient for FRN's. Second p2p does not need the internet either and that is where we are heading anyways. In fact it is to late already P2p networks are growing and being refined. Soon you will not need an ISP you will be able to access the world wide p2p net free with no 3rd party controlling your access. TPTB are losing their grip they can't shut down or control a p2p network. Do some research as you are repeating propaganda.

FRN's are on borrowed time and if they stop digitally transacting the paper ones will be worthless. They are based on confidence also not any intrinsic value and the are highly inflated which can't happen to bitcoins.

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