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Comment: Where are the Anarchists I'm talking about?

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Where are the Anarchists I'm talking about?

You haven't noticed all the Anarchists here at the Daily Paul? Look who wrote this article. He's getting scared and starting to understand what he's bought into and why Jesus told him to pay his taxes. Damnation awaits.

Here's another one in this thread sharing his wisdom and telling people that "all politicians are statists". He knows that's not true, but it's another slur Anarchists throw at people.

PS Communists always try and sell Communism as voluntary, yet even if voluntary it self destructs. Communism rewards something destructive and punishes something productive until it starts to collapse, at which point the Commune is either destroyed or no longer voluntary.

Communism only really serves two purposes, to either destroy a society or to put a boot on societies neck.