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The electoral college is

The electoral college is fine. It's good, it's healthy and it's sound. The only problem is winner take all. If we go to a popular vote than the states will have NO STAKE in the presidential office. That's not what the founders intended. I don't want that and anyone who gives two shits about this country, our freedoms and our constitutional federal republican form of government will OPPOSE this sloppy stupid idea that we need a popular vote to elect the president!

Neither you, nor 'cut 'n past' mvymvy address the concerns that we have about a the population centers dominating the presidential elections.

FACT: BosWash 44 million people

FACT: SanSan 30 million people

FACT: Chicago Metro 10 million people

TOTAL 84 million in these there mega city regions. That is 25% or 1/4 of the US population.

These regions have consistently and overwhelmingly voted for gun grabbing, public health care providing, police state, nanny state, auto bailout, bank bailout cronyism. In a word, they're Marxist cesspools.

Anyone with half a brain can see that a popular presidential vote is going to give an unbreakable power to these megalopolis regions. The campaign plane will jet up and down the mid Atlantic east cost, stop over in Chicago and then go to LA and SF. Rinse and repeat.

Nope folks these guys are selling a bill of goods. Snake oil. This idea is a TOTAL FRAUD.

It is not in line with our founding principles, any concept of federalism or states rights. Instead this is Mobocracy by another name.

In fact this should be on the front page as something we should all be opposing!