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I don't know if it can actually be done.

Yet, ideally, a person could simply present themselves and their views.
They would be judged individually.

They wouldn't need to be grossly categorized into one of two bins (Democrat, Republican).

From what I've experienced, the first thing a person does when they enter a party is lie, when they agree to the platform.

I read the Republican platform in my state (all the other's in attendance didn't even bother).

The platform was a self-contradicting hodge-podge of incompatible and inconsistent ideals. It would be impossible to agree to the platform without misrepresenting yourself.

It all starts with a lie.

However, an individual can genuinely represent a consistent view without contorting to a political party, and they could be elected based on what they believe.

We don't need parties. However, there are other practical issues I am only vaguely aware of, such as campaign finance and various requirements.