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What part of they have a

What part of they have a working prototype mesh do you not understand? And if the dollar crashed to tomorrow those with FRN's would be out in the cold... Sigh

There is nothing wrong with putting away gold and silver I recommend it too but you cannot go and buy anything with it right now for the most part. You have to physically convert it to FRN's. You can buy things with BC or convert them in minutes.

If you are so concerned with morality then why do you use immoral FRN's?

When you exchange FRN's for bread that is something for nothing because of artificial inflation. When you exchange bitcoins for bread bitcoins represent your labor for trade so its not something for nothing. You use an immoral currency for transactions right now why not use a currency that protects your liberty instead...

But I digress if you want to continue with a centrally controlled fiat currency that assures theft force and coercion of your money substance and privacy that will crash soon anyways rather then a free market currency that cannot be traced, taxed artificially inflated, or controlled by government be my guest... Put that in your moral pipe and smoke it... Sigh!

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