Comment: Hyping-up silver? Getting "rich"? I don't think it's about that.

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Hyping-up silver? Getting "rich"? I don't think it's about that.

Hyping-up silver? Getting "rich" (out of speculation)? I don't think it's about that. AT ALL.

I don't care if silver is worth only $50/oz in ten years. I will care if $50 has been set / fixed to be all of one's average yearly income by then, arbitrarily, by central planners. Fiat monies all go to zero in several possible ways eventually, but that doesn't change the outcome, always : they ALL go to zero. Markets always prevail against them. And if they have to be "black" - black markets, for a while - so be it.

Instead : it's ALL about having people UNLEARN that their fate is to be plundered forever.

It's about having people rediscover real money.

Indeed, if we're to talk about money, it has to be real money, not about nonsense or downright CRIME.

Money is nothing more than that. Just money. A portable, tangible, scarce, divisible, recognizable medium to exchange bits of our honestly earned wealth for products, services, and/or share, assemble in voluntary efforts, projects... freely. Without BEING RIPPED OFF BY AN INVISIBLE HAND (well, not so invisible, actually. granted)

And that's just point one.

Because point two is silver has hundreds of applications TO MAKE THINGS. Useful things.

Besides ripping people off, I don't see any other application for fiat currencies. They don't even burn well in the fireplace.


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