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Is it a loving act to pretend evil is subjective

"If the people don't want it, they have a right to change it, abolish it, or leave it altogether."

The people can change, alter, and abolish their government, but a few Anarchists at the Daily Paul do not make up "the people". That's why I keep saying that they needed to win the debate, but people don't want Anarchism. I want Anarchists to leave if they aren't happy here. It would be SO NICE to not have to listen to people talking about how taxation is theft.

It's a kindness to say GET OUT rather than opt out, because people should be able to leave, and I don't want them to face any hindrance if that's what they want, and I don't want them to be freeloaders who end up facing justice.

"No one has ever given up their God given sovereign rights."

But they do get taken by covetous people.

"Anyone that says otherwise should be aware the Declaration of Independence among other things recognizes the existing fact that God is the Supreme Judge. He is the judge of us and of that, not you."

That implies I'm incapable of recognizing evil, and I'm not supposed to do anything to stop it should I see evil. Defending liberty is the only justice mankind is capable of serving. Gods Justice comes after.

Do you know what nihilism is? It's like playing make pretend and deciding evil is totally subjective and there's no objective basis for truth. I say you'll know the truth when you see it, and you're supposed to love people. "Love is the fulfillment of the law."

Is it a loving act to pretend evil is subjective and something I can't judge? Is it a loving act to turn my back to evil pretending nothing is happening when the people I love are getting raped, and butchered?

No. My eyes are open.

I have no problem with justice. I love justice.