Comment: One thing people might be missing..

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One thing people might be missing..

I'm not aware of exceptions, yet the rest of the world should still be free from U.S. enforcement attempts.

It is as if U.S. citizens are financial cattle on the U.S. Federal financial farm. least that's what the laws try to do.
We are the only ones that stand to loose from federal involvement and we're paying people to create these actions against us. ..and I'm getting a little off topic.

Also, the value of anything (currency or not), is based on belief and agreement. This includes gold and silver. Water is more valuable than anything, if you are dying of thirst.

..and the third "one thing" :) , is that you don't loose money on an investment until you sell. If a trade item went from $100 down to $1, then to $110, so what, you are up $10. Just try not to get too upset when seeing the $1 value ..and buy buy buy!!