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Comment: Yes, you're a liar ConquerableWorld

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Yes, you're a liar ConquerableWorld

"How much do you get paid to spread that keyword catch phrase on here?"

That's what's called bearing false witness.

It not only assumes that I'm a fraud who's being paid, but that my words are talking points, something being fed to me, which implies a whole other level of fraud.

I'm not being paid by anyone, and my words are my own.

I'm not Mark Potock or some shadowy government agent.

I'm just a regular old American speaking his mind, but that doesn't compute in your world does it, because you thought you could conquer the world?

"Why are you assuming I'm an anarchist?"

I'm not assuming anything. Do you deny that you're an Anarchist, and if you did, why would I give your words value liar?