Comment: who ever said certain traits were mutually exclusive?

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who ever said certain traits were mutually exclusive?

who ever said certain traits were mutually exclusive? the cooling of the engine is the result of necessity and was independently designed from several people in the early days of auto.. same with lifeforms, and various adaptations resulting from nessasity

It would be accurate to say that an aircooled engine evolved into a water cooled engine. that you could look at the genome of the engine and recognize the crankshaft, piston and valve train... what changed from say an aircooled Porsche to a water cooled Porsche is just a slight modification. the genome would have a few new part like a water pump and a water jacketing system around the block.

tThese "evolutions" could even happen independently but look VERY similar, and in the case of cars, the various designs methods of cooling an engine change with different brands. the different brands of radiators is kinda like different gene sequences in life forms. in life forms you can tell from the genome which ancestor a particular trait came from...

but I don't expect you to understand this in the slightest... because GOD is right and science is wrong :/

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