Comment: I understand your assertion.

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I understand your assertion.

I understand your assertion. My response is to point out a leap of logic in the argument you are advancing.

You are claiming sex is somehow immoral or wrong. I believe the burden of proof rests with the one claiming it is wrong. If it is immoral or wrong as you say there must be aggression or injury otherwise people can go around claiming anything is immoral or wrong for any reason. Rape is a clear example of a sexual activity involving aggression and/or injury. Clearly consensual sex involves no act of aggression so if you are unable to evidence an injury then consensual sex, whether it results in reproduction or not, can not be immoral or wrong.

Your argument is akin to asserting if you can't create a society which does not result in homelessness ... don't establish a society. If you do establish a society which results in some homelessness be prepared for the consequences of being stolen from to shelter and feed the homeless.