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I did not mention "rapture" theology, because, as a...

Gnostic Christian rather than a fundamentalist Christian, I pick too many fights; and, I get into enough fights without picking more.

However, if you really want to know what I believe, both about the "second coming" and "the rapture," which we call, "ascension," I will be happy to provide you links. In any event, wait a week and you will know which one of us is the more correct, because my Gnostic source predicts "the rapture" will begin sometime next week and will be accompanied by "three days of darkness". While not everyone who is "saved" will ascend at the same time,again, according to my Gnostic source, the rest of those "saved" will ascend sometime before the end of 2013. If that does not happen, I guess I will, once again, have to revise my belief system.