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Comment: When anyone talks about facts about abortion

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When anyone talks about facts about abortion

The only fact that matters is a medical fact and is this: "is the fetus a human being?"

If it is, then the idea that crime would decrease is a nonsensical fact. This "crime" as you say, is crime as defined and prescribed by the government. That's like criminalising marijauana and the government saying "we have become a horrible nation, look at how crime has increased!" It is only a crime because government has defined it as a crime. Similarly, the government has argued inflation is stable, this is an undeniable fact according to the government, but that is because the government changes what constitutes inflation.

Where am i going with this? The only reason why murder has not been 55 million higher than it is is because the government has defined it not to be murder.

The point is, facts such as crime and the like are irrelevant. The only fact that matters is if the fetus is a human being.

Because if we are to take the approach that abortion is good because it reduces crime, then why stop with those type of abortions. Why not institute a child bearing policy that says "you are only allowed to have children if you surpass an income threshold because the *facts* tell us that only your children are less like to commit *crimes*?

Believe it or not, this is the logic of the society you are subscibing to. You may not go as extreme yet, or ever, but a logic that dictates its civil law based on utilitarian outcomes will inevitably lead to such laws.

It is by this same logic that anti-gun advocates are pushing anti-gun laws - because the facts say that reduced guns result in reduced gun crimes.

So forget about what this individual will do in the future, forget about how productive they will be, forget about anything and everything they will do in their life, because all these *facts* are irrelevant. The only relevant fact is are they are human being, because if they are, then they have the same right to exist as you do.

The solution is not easy, but rather than being contempt with evil over another evil (abortions over increased crime), society must seek to achieve good (the right for a human to exist while providing them with the right conditions to fulfill being a good individual).