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If it were any other

religious figure there would be an uproar.

Colleges are a cesspool of demented thinking. Our daughter had to take an freshman English composition class where the students had to sit in groups (of course) and dissect a rap song by Drake that was beyond offensive - particularly to the girls in the class. All the while the little demon teacher was laughing everytime he repeated the perverted words of the song taking great enjoyment in its content, the squirming of the girls, and the raucous laughter of the guys. And this is beneficial how?

Our daughter, a Christian, was disgusted and went to the dean of the dapartment and requested to transfer to another class (the syllabus indicated that further classes would not be any different - the next reading assugnment was why straight girls are attracted to homsosexuals). The idiot dean admitted the teacher liked to stretch the boundaries but told our daughter her moral boundaires were just different than everyone elses. She was not the only one offended - just the only one who spoke up. He let her transfer which tells me he knew the content of the class was wrong and didn't want her to make waves. Transferring is not usually allowed.

Glad the kid from Florida spoke up - it is a rare thing - the current generation in the colleges were raised as group-thinkers and do not like to stand up for anything. Of course half of them aren't paying attention because they can not stop texting for one millisecond - even in class.

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