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Because the way the system is

We do need parties. I fought very hard for 33 years, and NEVER once considered joining the GOP or Democratic Party.

You say it all starts with a lie.. here's a lie.. that you can beat the system without a party. Ron Paul was RIGHT ON about the GOP.

The GOP is ours because the Neocons have NO new blood.. there are no new world order Republicans FIGHTING to "take the GOP". It is us, and it is exciting, because those of us who joined the GOP, are advancing, and working hard to make Ron Paul proud (and Rand Paul president). We will win, and America will be liberated from a corporate NWO and constitutinal government will be restored.

We're doing it. I just assumed my elected seat in january, with hundreds of more like me.. we are just getting started.. we have sat through the committees and BS, and withstood the dirty politics and we're wearing the4m down and OUT of the GOP.

I have no problem representing myself.. as far as the party platform.. that is their LIE, not mine.. mine is to right it though changing the by-laws and that is what we are doing.

Ron Paul couldn't do it alone and Rand Paul won't have to.. just stay where you are, keep ypour critical eye against us, take every opportunity to doubt us and share us your apathy.. because we KNOW, we are winning, with or without you.

As Ron Paul said, "Do what YOU want". We are.