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No one is slapping anyone on the back

And we do help each other.. there are moments when they do deserve a pat on the back, but we're not there thinking.. well, "How can I pat so and so on the back?" I think, being I was first on the committee, it is really great to be debating an issue, and to have more voices that agree with Liberty than Bush. It is a happiness that I have politically not ever experienced.. but then I was never in a major party before and I had no idea that central committees exist.

Let me explain something to you about myself, having taken survival training in 82-83, and being a political activist since 73, I've had a lot of experience, part of that is being a Granger.. A Granger is a member of The Patrons of Husbandry, a Fraternal Order for farmers. It operates much like the GOP.. except we do have secret handshakes, passwords and are a private club, with subordinate, pomona Granges and a National Grange with an 11 story building in Wash CD, we hire lobbiest, write resolution, have conventions and ALL political parties.. Since 93, I have been a hemp activist (I introduced my state Grange to a lobbiest for Nutiva, and helped make this a Grange issue.. Grange is awesome.

The GOP is not awesome. The GOP has, as Ron Paul said, "lost it's way". So my experience as a Granger, where I learned Robert's Rules of Order, how to write resolutions.. how to work conventions, how to work on committees.. When I came into the GOP, I saw a vehicle, like the Grange, but limited to one party (with many shades of red), and thanks to Ron Paul, a mission.. to clean up the GOP and restore America to constitutional- bill of rights government. We acheive this democratically within the GOP.

I've done a lot of petitions, but never one for myself to get elected. While the Grange is a private club, we take secret paths to each other, the GOP we take oaths IN the county, so it's directly tied to the government. What this means is all the activism work I did as a Granger and Indy, LP.. I did representing myself. That's no longer the case. People signed my petition, I was seated and signed the oaths, so now I represent 1K people where I live.

The things I did as a Granger, protests, rally's petitions, writing resolutions and inniatives on issues, writing letter's to the editor, marketing the issues and events.. The first hemp rally I organozed was in 1996, Receda Country Club.. 8K people, I now do as a Republican representative, and what this has done, is given me the keys to the car.. as a Granger I had to shop it out to a committee.. now I'm on the committee.. and so my letters get published.. it's power. I don't have to beg.. now I debate and negotiate with my committee.. who are now majority Liberty..

I took my elected seat in January. CA GOP has two conventions and I attended my first CAGOP convention (Thanks to DP I went to the dinners and met Karl Rove, and got to tell him that "The people are catching on and we are going to restore constitutional government.. He told me he gave nearly $3 million to Rand.. but what he didn't expect, was to see someone like me.. he expected most of us to be on the floor.. GOP has levels, like the Grange..

I was elect4ed treasurer.. so I have had to learn how the Keneysian system works in the GOP, with the IRS..

So I would say, at this point, I am learning and having other Ron Paul Republicans with me is great, like DP, where we debate issues that come to the committee.. resolutions and inniatives that come from variosu parts of the county and state.. we vote before the public.. If you want to change a law.. you write a resolution and take it to a committee to get political backing.. we can ask for a petition.. people can rally or protest.. but the committee is what represents the political party in the area.

When there's a question or public / MSM wants a local answer to something political, they contact us.. we answer and debate the Democrats publically. We are encouraged in the GOP to get more involved, like get a committee seat on the board of supervisors.. I just had an interveiw.. get an elected office.. GOP has the legal means in place to help.. where as an Indy.. you have to get a team to put in place what the GOP has had in place since Lincoln.

And like DP, we don't all agree.. even on the committee.. but this is a good thing, because we learn, some lessons are hard knocks, and some folks can't take the heat.. but this is a good fight.

I'm not a fan of aquaponics, I don't find it sustainable.. I find it expensive, high maintenance, probably great for occupying Mars, but I'm sticking to raised beds, and chickens.. while I do have a 250 gal tank, with fish.. and I have learned how to repair pumps.. but to me.. it's expensive and not worth it and the food is not as good as home grown tomatoes in the sun. I do like square foot gardening.. but I'm food forest gardening as it is.

Still, enjoy your project, as I enjoy mine, changing the GOP with fellow republicns who accepted Ron paul's invitation to join the GOP and work to vote NO to taxes, new laws, resolutions and inniatives that put the county and state more into the UN Agenda, where major global corporations, like utilitie companies who LOVE things like piscioponics because they try to replace the work of the sun with electricty.