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I think it's more like

Those of us who joined the GOP because we wanted Ron paul to be president, and he needed delegates.. we learned from Ron Paul, and now we are learning from Rand, who I can't imagine would want to nuke the world.. I would not come here to tell you that he had some secret agenda to bring liberty for all.. I would say that I am exceptionally disappointed, that there is no secret agenda I am aware of, nor would I approve as I believe government should be transparent, and I understand not all want liberty.. many people feel safe as slaves, they don't mind.

But for those if us who do mind.. I am grateful to Ron Paul for inviting me into the GOP to see for myself.. this has been a great experience, a huge learning curve but worth it, and I absolutly stand with Rand positive he has NO intention of nuking the world or having a secret agenda the republican liberty caucus, C4L, and many other grassroots efforts in the GOP and associated would stand for.