Comment: Republican Liberty Caucus?

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Republican Liberty Caucus?

I don't feel like we "lost".. I feel like we were robbed.

I think one of the most important things I saw at the CAGOP convention was the tea party rebellion against leadership. I saw the GOP to do them, what they had been doing to us, the difference being, these tea parties refused to join us or stand for us.. and I admit, I did not stand with them and wear a yellow ribbon. It was my first state convention and I had a lot to learn.. so by the end of the convention, I saw "the glass ceiling" in the GOP.. how the corporations are installing their own because too many in the tea party and us, don't write resolutions or inniatives for party platform, rules.. we wait for an invitation.

At this point I think the only invitation we ever got was from Ron Paul who asked us to become delegates.. and to do that we needed to join the GOP, and in my case, you have to be on a committee.

Republican Liberty Caucus did an excellent job on the floor and with their meeting.. Justin Raimondo was the speaker (boring history lesson.. but maybe others found it enlightening..I hope so). There was one point when a candidate in RLC made her speach for office and while many here on DP would have applauded her, many who were interested in the RLC walked out.

I've noticed that protesting is not how the republicans play.. they will lie, cheat and steal before they protest.. so it's not a metter of protesting.. but it's a matter of writing resolutions, changing the laws locally and statewide.. and letting the national GOP start working on a uniting the GOP rather than global banker's agendas.