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Im sorry you are not intelligent enough

to see what rand is doing, but please quit trashing the people that are. Rand is beating them at their own game. You can't hit them head on and expect to get anywhere when they have this much grip on everything.

What rand is doing is simply setting traps and at the same time exposing these people to the masses, alot of people are still asleep. It took them years to grab as much power as they have, and its going to take time and tenacity to undo what we have let get out of control. Did you think being an insider Rand would just go in there and do what Ron did?? Ron changed nothing on the hill, but changed the minds of alot of peoples thinking. Now rand is on inside making waves! Did you really think that Ron and Rand didnt agree to make a worthless endorsement to romney? If you cant see that was ploy?

Before you call out rand of being a controlled opposition, ask yourself what would he have to gain?? what would the establishment gain by exposing themselves ?

btw romney said from beginning of election cycle that he would endorse the gop nominee no matter who it was!

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves...the land of liberty needs a regime change!