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I love that too

Some of the most profound insights, and interesting nuggets of information have come to me from random, anonymous comments. In fact, that is how I first heard about Ron Paul, back when I was running a proto-DP called Bull! Not Bull.

BTW, I removed the name of the speaker when I bumped your post to the front page. Some people here will reflexively vote this down, say bad things, and not watch simply because the speaker once said something bad about Ron Paul once.

Thank you for posting. It is a great clip. I remember watching this in the mid 90's when in came out, when I was in my late 20's. I believe it is from Manufacturing Consent.

Marshall McLuhan is awesome. And if you like what you read there, someone I think you'll be very interested in will be Neil Postman, especially "Amusing Ourselves to Death."

Published in 1985, long before the internet, it was way ahead of its time. It is what we're living now.