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Read the Scenarios

I didn't make any claims except for one, that bitcoin is in a bubble.

Why do I think that? Well because the chart looks just like it did back in June of 2011 when bitcoin crashed. History has a way of rhyming and I'm just making a guess about the future based on the past. We all do that everyday. You can tell me I'm wrong, you are allowed a different opinion, but so far you've refused to give your opinion of why it's not a bubble.

As for the other scenarios, You are way too quick to judge people's intentions. I posed scenarios that well, people who are hesitant to invest in bitcoins worry about.

What's wrong with that?

I posed scenarios that people are curious about and all you've done is berate me for posing them. Do you know how that makes bitcoin supporters look? It makes it look like you are avoiding, because, well, you are avoiding and instead choose to call me a troll for asking questions that thousands of people interested in bitcoin but a little scared of bitcoin ask.

It's simple. If you understand bitcoin, and you know why those scenarios don't pose any threat to bitcoin then explain it for everyone who might come across this thread. It should be easy for you to do. It would go a long way toward increasing peoples comfort level with bitcoin. The opportunity is yours, take it away.