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Comment: I kinda think this may be happening before our eyes

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I kinda think this may be happening before our eyes

"Communism only really serves two purposes, to either destroy a society or to put a boot on societies neck."

and that is exactly what Ron Paul was working to alert people to. I don't think Ron Paul talks about overthrowing government or having no government. I think he is a Constitutionalist who wants the government boot to stay INSIDE the Constitution and off of society's neck so that the Republic is not destroyed.

You see, I kind of think that the boot is what actually destroys a society from within.

I think we can see that boot in the form of 60% in taxes and regulations coming out of most people's pocket. A healthcare system that has been broken so that a new one can be installed. Guns taken away from their owners so the people cannot protect themselves while the boot is coming down ever so hard on the neck of society. I actually think the powers that be want the people to revolt so they can squash the people. I think that is what the boot is doing at this very minute.

I think Ron Paul advocates Liberty. Not Anarchism, not Communism, but Liberty that exists when the government exists within the confines of the constitution.

What am I missing here?

Because in the video I linked, there were Anarchists and Communists fighting the Fascists and the people were stuck in the middle. I think Ron Paul would be in the middle with the people. His voting record shows that he does not run to the Communists or to the Fascists, but to the Constitution.