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Um no it is not a theory it

Um no it is not a theory it is a working model. You are thinking conventional in terms of centralized routers routing billions of packets. With this proven method of p2p every computer becomes a router for the network. This actually makes it easier to route billions of packets spreading out the work load. The challenge has been to stream line the code so it does not hog memory and so it is user friendly for the average person to download and use. Its being done open source it is very close to being user friendly enough for mass viability.

Your coding experience must be from the 80's or something...

Like I said:
If you want to continue with a centrally controlled fiat currency that assures theft force and coercion of your money substance and privacy that will crash soon anyways rather then a free market currency that cannot be traced, taxed artificially inflated, or controlled by government be my guest... And you can buy things directly with BTC and more are coming online every day you should get out more...

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