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I totally agree and understand.

I am just speaking towards what is currently in place and what the current experience is in joining the GOP.
I am also highlighting the idea that when a person votes for an individual in a political party, they don't always know what they are getting, and the current (..or just recent) GOP platform may be indicative of the overall problem of misrepresentative candidates.

I guess my main point was just to remind the previous commentor to include 3rd parties when referring to political parties. I just think it is a good to habitually keep 3rd parties in the conversation.

However, I have an over-all concern is that taking over the GOP is not enough. That we should have an eye towards replacing the 2 party system. Otherwise, the GOP can be taken over once again, and liberty lovers may go by the wayside. Basically, make the system less prone to abuse.

B.T.W. I'm helping some with the GOP changes as well.
But, yeah. I've got to try and not nay-say too much. :)