Comment: This biggest selling point is being missed in all this.

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This biggest selling point is being missed in all this.

I've been pushing this for years now. I'm glad it's finally getting some mass awareness. However, I have to ask, "Why not market this on all fronts?" Instead of just saying it's going to help keep the internet freedom alive, we need to also promote that it makes internet access eventually cost-free.

That's right. Monetarily speaking, if an entire city had mesh coverage and a few fast external connections under private control to the next city, all the residents could both connect for the cost of the equipment alone (most of which they already own) and could speed up the access to everyone already doing so.

Personally, I see this as the future of the internet. Gone soon will be all ISPs and government regulated entities. Mesh networks will blossom to give dozens to thousands of overlapping networks access to any one member, nationwide, and censorship will become a historical joke. ("Back in my day..." "Grandpa, you're making this stuff up!") Only long distance fiber links (think trans-oceanic, etc.) will sell ultra high speed, high capacity interconnection. And the best part is that they will have zero ability to censor because slower links will still be able to circumvent them so their only selling point is speed and capacity.