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Comment: Water is subsidized for big farms

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Water is subsidized for big farms

and as for my own.. I've got well water, so all I pay for water is pumping it, and since I have a septic system I don't pay for waste water. I farm an area with southern exposure. The water that feeds the garden is a chicken waste compost tea made with water from my 250 gal koi pond. I also have chickens.

Actually I was thinking of the hydroponic chemically grown and artificial light crap grown as medical marijuana.

The 250 gal fish tank, is on a timer system where the water is pumped through a 50 gal barrel filled with various filter material, and about once a week the 50 gal tank is run through the chicken crap compst to the tea and then distributed in the garden or the orchardm or the ornamentals I planted..

As for when SHTF and what to do about the well pump, I've got solar back up.. but I do worry that geoengineering will render that very limted and I'm looking into wind turbines.. in the mantime, when SHTF (usually once a year for at least three weeks at a time), I water the garden by hand.. but I do alot by hand..

Good luck with your classes