Comment: Rick 'Al Gore' Perry is just playing

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Rick 'Al Gore' Perry is just playing

for votes for re-election, as he always does. This will never actually happen, as we have seen before with his 'tough stance' on border security. If you recall back in 2007 running up to re-election, he had Texas Guard on the border, and went down several times with his security looking governors jacket for a PR stunt and told us how he can secure the border. Right after he was re-elected he pulled the Guard off the border, went to Mexico to meet with Calderon to apologize that he was just playing politics. When he was questioned by the press upon his return, and he replyed no comment. He also, said he was a proponent for a Sanctuary City ending bill, but failed to enter it when he called a 'special session' until it was too late to get it through. Perry also said the NAFTA Superhiway was dead, but it's being contructed North of Dallas. Perry is an extremely devious manipulating scum politician who knows how to con his way to being re-elected, even when most don't want him any longer. I wish this would happen, but I would bet on a Fed audit before I would believe 'Al Gore' Perry would do such a thing!