Comment: This is a troubling topic.

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This is a troubling topic.

and it has to be dealt with fairly if the world is to go forward to a better and peaceful future. Humans of every race have always migrated all over the planet. It goes on today, most of it peacefully. People move to different places all over the world and always have..

Here is a map showing the colonization of the world by various countries. Some of our ancestors were brutal and enslaved others when they migrated. This can never be acceptable or right.

Prior to this were ancient migrations all over the world. Our ancestors originally came from Africa, India, or Asia. In the end each and every person on the planet comes of the same ancient parentage, and we are all family. We all came out of Africa.

The world has become a place full of hatred and aggression. But in the end we are all brothers and sisters. Let us compromise and seek a peaceful intelligent future, where each individual is treated with respect and honored for their origins no matter how diverse we all may appear to be. Killing only leads to more killing. Those who commit the crimes must be held responsible. Let us not hold an entire race responsible for the crimes of a few.