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There is no such thing as President of States

This is a matter of words verses actions.

Effectively, we have a President of the Federal Government.

The U.S. "Federal" President does not represent the concerns of the states, he/she deals with the concerns of the Federal government.

Other States should not be able use a 3rd party (the Federal government) to dictate the internal workings of other member states. States are supposed to be sovereign.

I think all the issue you list should not be determined by the Federal government.

Personally, I would rather have no Federal government, than a Federal government that has more power over my state than my state has power over itself.

Unfortunately, the federal government has grown to the point of enacting impositions that govern the states, and that is a perversion of our government system and is a separate issue.

State representatives represent the state.
The Judicial branch represents ideals and fundamentals of our political system.
The U.S. (ahem, Federal) President, represents the concerns of the Federation.