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Comment: Comments about what I believe...

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Comments about what I believe...

Some have asked what I believe and that has been established clearly by my past posts but really I believe in NO government. Not only that, I believe we have never had a "LEGITIMATE" government in the history of the planet (no authority delegated by the Creator to any man or group of men to form a "government"). Some will claim that this is not true, that King Saul was delegated authority by God... I'm not so sure of the accuracy of the story of Saul, but assuming it is accurate, I only see that the people of Israel were the ones who "chose" Saul and God only agreed to let them have their way (free will) and God even warned them that they were making a big mistake.

Therefore my position is that "anarchy" is the natural, current and always state of man. There is a difference between a legitimate government (one with "delegated" authority) and a gang of thugs with guns (a mafia if you will). The later is what we have and it is proof that we live in anarchy. There are NO laws, only the appearance of laws. If you really believe there are laws then tell me how someone can order the bombing of people all across the globe, murdering thousands of innocents, and NOT get arrested and thrown in the pokey?? Can't explain it? I can, it's ANARCHY!

Beware the cult of "government"...

Sonmi 541: "Truth is singular. Its "versions" are mistruths."