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Keith Richards

Check this out. I talked to a NY luthier who built some guitars for Keith Richards in the late eighties or early 90s. Interestingly I was trying to sort out my own health issues. He just happened to mention that he and his wife hung out at Keith's quite a bit during that time. He mentioned that he never saw Keith drink beer or wine, only whiskey and vodka. He also said they never had large sit-down meals, but nibbled on small things throughout the day. A lot of people make fun of Keith, but he's still alive and kicking and is not fat and inflamed like so many. So I made sure to remember what he said. After nutritional pharmacist Ben Fuchs mentioned on his show to avoid grains and dairy, eat smaller meals and that he would only drink vodka, I decided that was the route to go. So now I do just that and it's been fantastic. Old Keith was onto something way back.

I don't know, but I suspect that Icke's explanation for Gaga and the queen might the be the same explanation for Page and the high up guy in the navy.

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