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Comment: Very dismissive - NOT about "dirt", but "bacteria"

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Very dismissive - NOT about "dirt", but "bacteria"

"If you are really concerned, throw it under some water for a second and drain." -dasohio

"These bugs are very good at clinging on to salad and the risk from cryptosporidium, salmonella and listeria is very real.
I would advise people to thoroughly wash salad even when it says it has been washed and is ready to eat." -Professor Pennington

What I find very interesting is that the public is told to wash their hands very thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap after handling foods such as meats that may contain salmonella, yet you seem to think that "running under some water for a second" is sufficient?

I'm guessing that the deaths, or the thousands of people that have gotten ill could have avoided all that by simply rinsing under water for a second? Your "expertise"?

"Diet Pepsi with aspartame and phosphoric acid is safe and refreshing"
No one here, or in the article ever mentioned that. Nice try at giving relevance to your comments though.