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no one here

advocates the use of force,that has already been done
and has been in place for quite some time
the same ones who use force are the same ones who created the mess we see today,what with the housing bubble,the loss of jobs,the high price of foods
these gov types are the ones stealing more and more to steal more and more,leaving us (the ones who actually worked for it... BROKE)
thereby creating the necessity for gov intrusions and handouts
this is done by design and on purpose,and it is not for our benefit
they actively work against the ones who pay taxes, and on purpose
it really is as simple as that
you come across angry at the very people you purport to defend
and have the same beliefs as
over half of the average workers wages is taken right off the top for various agencies to dollop it back
i have personally worked for over 30 years and have not received a dime back from any agency that helped to steal it
i have gotten more independent and do have a need for less (which saves me money) and i do not buy much taxable merchandise,so i have lessened by foot print
as i have said you come across angry at the ones who want a dollop back when thousands upon thousands have been taken in different forms
of things not called taxation,and i would bet the ones who want a bit back are the same ones who's jobs have been legislated out of the country (i know mine was)
i am happy that you are fighting the good fight with the ones who steal the fruits of your labor,but we are not the ones on top
we are the ones that get called bottom feeders serfs and paupers

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