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Good Stuff.

I'm cautiously optimistic that real change can happen in the not too distant future. The access to accurate information is available now to everyone that wants it via the internet. Even if they start locking down some of the easy access to the info, too much has gotten out and too much is is being stored on removeable media for the cat to be put back into the bag.

The other thing is sound money. The few people I know who have (along with myself) educated themselves on the FED and central banking are working to educate others about how worthless paper and legal tender laws are enslaving us all.

If we could JUST get rid of private central banking, fractional reserve lending, and never give up educating our neighbors about all the things most of us here have learned...I think it IS possible to get headed in the right direction again. I'm convinced a completely voluntary society is the way to go but I'd be happy if the overwhelming power of the State would start getting cut back in large swaths until it was back to a constitutional republic.

I have no boss, I have no debt, and I live as free as I possibly can right now. I can't afford any luxuries and I expect to work until the day I drop but I'm much happier now than I was when I had a nice home, 3 cars, 2 wave runners, a motorcycle, and a house full of crap.

Getting off the hamster wheel of 9-5 debt slavery and consumerism was the best thing I ever did.