Comment: Not sure. Might be Month-to-Month.

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Not sure. Might be Month-to-Month.

Dolly Madison British Troops Burned the Capitol and the White House in 1814. The Federal City Was Punished in the War of 1812. Something about a lease agreement (King Charter & Royalties)

While some Americans tried desperately to battle the British (regular army), the city of Washington was in chaos. Federal workers tried to rent, buy, and even steal wagons to cart off important documents.

In the executive mansion (not yet known as the White House), the president's wife, Dolley Madison, directed servants to pack up valuable items.

Among the items taken into hiding was a famous Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington. Dolley Madison instructed that it had to be taken off the walls and either hidden or destroyed before the British could seize it as a trophy. It was cut out of its frame and hidden in a farmhouse for several weeks. It hangs today in the East Room of the White House.

The Capitol burned. The British army proceeded to Fort Henry, Maryland ("Star Spangled Banner" - Keyes).

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