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Woe to those still fooled by these overpaid talking heads! lol

Nah, the truth is, the mainstream media is dying, and the powers that be are on the verge of complete exposure.

Their lies become more and more blatant. Anderson cooper running his segment to debunk "conspiracy theorists" on Sandy

I like the new term instead of conspiracy theorists....why not "independent researchers", why they gotta try and call names? Especially when the ones calling names do ZERO research and just read from a script! lol bunch of losers with big broadcast stations. Don't worry, they are putting nails into their own coffin faster than we could hope to do it for them.

Even my father who just two years ago threw the telephone and yelled "that's traitorous!", when I suggested that 911 was an inside job. He did call back after he repaired the phone to apologize for his outrage. He is like 70, retired military, full on 50 years of brainwashing....but he's seeing through it and calling BS on what the "news" is selling. Has stopped watching O'reilly altogether.