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so you are an anarchist

by citing biblical verses it shows it
the bible also says do not do what these do
but do as they say,as they do not do as they say
you cannot serve 2 masters,one being the gov,and the other being god
so if you serve god you are an anarchist,because this goes against planned gov by men
and yes i can blame the gov,they are the ones who steal,rape pillage
and murder,all done with stolen taxes
these taxes do not get used to further anything but their own nefarious ways,and to further their own brand of democracy
i do not murder,steal,nor do i covet that which is not mine
these taxes do not get used to better anyone but themselves
and they serve not the creator
i can blame the gov for serving the wrong god,i can blame them for
not serving the creator but themselves
i can blame them for handouts to dictators who murder their own people
i can blame the gov for giving communists WMD and arms to kill more
who only to be left in peace
i can blame them for swearing an oath on the bible,then breaking it
all of this is done our names,and i don't like it one bit
i did create this gov,nor have i given it a hand in what they do
they are the princes and princesses of the devil,and i never have served them,nor given them free reign
our fight is not against people,but the powers and principalities
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