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Comment: Nice try, but false.

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Nice try, but false.

The test MUST be repeatable and the results must ALWAYS be the same.

Your opinion (as mine) about it is irrelevant.

In the coin flip test (a test of randomness), the expected outcome of the test is that the test will yield EITHER heads or tails. In other words the sum of the probable distributions (divided by number of coin tosses) is always 1. That's the test and it's 100% verifiable every time.

Yes, things change from generation to generation. That's called mutation. No one has ever tested an ape turning into a man. Specie to specie evolution can not be tested, if for no other reason than the time horizon. So, it doesn't matter what pseudo-intellectual spin you want to put on it, it's not testable and, hence, it's not scientifically provable, even if it may be possible.