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Comment: Quick Quiz: When you drink Tropicana apple juice

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Quick Quiz: When you drink Tropicana apple juice

these days, you are drinking juice made from concentrates from how many different countries? ___

1) ONE: The United States, primarily from the six states of Washington, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, and California
2) TWO: The United States and China
3) FOUR: The United States, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil
4) SIX: The United States, Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, and Turkey
5) TEN: Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Argentina, Chile, Turkey, Brazil, China, and the United States


"Growing international trade in food products" is one of the three major reasons for the trend in IRRADIATED FOOD. How about in the name of NUTRITION & FOOD SAFETY, JOBS FOR AMERICANS, and NATIONAL SECURITY, America adopt a goal to become self-sufficient.

(((Granger))) Thanks for the article!

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