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Time and place

I understand your fear of meds. There are many doctors out there who believe that pharma is the answer. In most cases, it isn't. If you don't trust your doctor, do your best to find one you do trust. Doctors are only people who have opinions and bias that can be wrong. Pharma simply treats symptoms not causes. However, meds do have a time and place. They can be used as a tool to return to normalcy. For example, an individual with stroke level blood pressure can and probably should use BP meds to reduce imminent stroke risk while he/she makes lifestyle changes. The key is to use them as a tool, not a solution. Be weary but not afraid of drugs. If the tool doesn't fit, don't use it. (Tactile hallucinations from meds would be an indicator of using the wrong tool.) Mental disorders don't have the stigma they once had. You and your wife don't need to be worried about that (by posting here you probably aren't but it still needs to be said). Herbal remedies also have a time and place. I applaud you for looking into those. But please don't convince yourself they are the only option. Therapists and counselors are also a great tool, but again make sure the tool fits. Don't give up if the first person doesn't fit. Take a serious look at your lifestyles and external factors causing stress in your life. Make changes and give changes enough time to have an effect. Remember you are not the only one out there having problems like this. And remember, the stories of people going crazy on meds are anecdotal and highlighted by the media but many other people have been helped by meds to return to a normal life. I understand the fear that can be involved. You and your wife can get through this but it will take time and a lot of effort.