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Comment: I'm starting an Aquaponics LLC this summer cant wait!!!

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I'm starting an Aquaponics LLC this summer cant wait!!!

The only part about aquaponics that gets me thinking of building upon it is that mycelia hates phosphorous, so the soil used in aquaponics is usually lacking beneficial fungai and thus important minerals that give it heartier taste.

I suppose to develop teks to introduce beneficial fungai to your aquaponics beds (try researching advanced nutrients and their methods of combining bens in mycorrhizal symbiosis).

But other than the mineral issue, the mass manufacturing towards farmers markets would allow aquaponics to create a channel of production sufficient to sustain an entire conglomeration of permaculture projects, mycological projects, and interject food forestry, animal husbandry, aquacultures, hugelcultures, fukuoka crop rotation, all on small acreages bought at deed sales for below market value.... pumping the equity through a LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, or Non-profit Corporation.

Either way, Aquaponics can supply the permaculturalist with a new dynamic to expand the economy of scale of the small farm.

Thanks for the Post! :)

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