Comment: If she finds a naturopathic solution, cool.

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If she finds a naturopathic solution, cool.

If she doesn't, it really depends how severe the symptoms are.


A fairly good, medium strength antidepressant used for Anxiety is Remeron. Standard dosages are 15, 30, and 60mg. It's a 'night time' med, it causes drowsiness.

Another benefit of Remeron is that it's easy to come off of. There are a few other popular antidepressants used for Anxiety that are brutal to come off of.

Let's just say, from perhaps personal experience, if a naturopathic solution doesn't work, your wife trying Remeron would probably be a good start.


Seek the help of a trained exposure therapy counsellor/doctor. There is an A&E show called Obsessed that you could use to prep yourself with some knowledge:

Many of the featured sufferers gain immensely from exposure therapy treatments.