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Find a healthy obsession

If it is her habitual way of being,
she may need to allow for a complete transformation.

A change in everything: diet, exercise, hobbies, past times, mental occupations.
Develop the ability to concentrate through reading (a book, not clicking around the internet), playing music.
Control environmental stimulus and mental input,
no unconscious background random input (radio/tv commercials).
Do not multi-task, leads to habitually scattered mind.
Be very aware of your actions toward her.
Never interrupt, grab attention, shout, make startling noises, nor emotionally manipulate.
First consider her state of mind before exposing her to whatever you are about to do or say. Don't blurt.
Get her away from unhealthy people and relationships, at least for a while.
Sleep when tired. Take naps. Do not wake to an alarm. No groggy risings in morning. Lye in bed until naturally rising.
Meditate. Not empty minded meditation, but conscious processing and accounting of thought.
Learn to steer the mind away from unhealthy or unwanted thoughts.
Discover new interest you know are healthy.
Loose weight while sweating out toxins. Sauna.
Active or passive stretch.
Minimize exposure to electro-magnetic frequencies.
Learn to balance the mind and body through directed attention through entire insides. (Taoist inner smile.)
Always balance protein and carbs (minimize blood-sugar spikes).
Have a get-away to a place with fresh air. Air out the house.
Eliminate dust.
Perform real actions toward concerns.
Resolve differences with people, at least put them to rest.
Get the adrenal glands flowing.
Eat psyllium husk.
Create health rituals; doing thinkg you think/know are healthy.
Know you are getting better (belief is 30% effective in placebo studies).
Long showers. Indulge healthy things, and private things.
Do what you know you should be doing.
Dance. Sing. Crawl. Roll around. Skip. Breath. Pursue dreams.
Do nothing.